May pregnant and nursing women take OM-X?

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before taking O-MX.

Can OM-X be purchased in Australia?

To comply with the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, OM-X can be imported for personal use only . At this point in time you will be unable to purchase OM-X within Australia.

For general good health what dosage of OM-X should be taken?

We suggest that an adult dosage of 2 capsules AM and PM is good for maintaining general health. The recommended range is 2-5 capsules per day.

Is OM-X Suitable for Children?

OM-X is suitable for children in smaller doses, the capsule can be broken open to produce a paste inside. If your child has allergies or food sensitivities please check the ingredients prior to consumption.

There seems to be a few different types of OM-X Probiotic around. How can I tell the Difference.

There are a few counterfeit ( immitation ) OM-X products manufactured in Malaysia. As of August 2010 OM-X Japan have rightfully been awarded their trademark and this company will no longer be able to use the names relating to OM-X. Check www.omx.co.jp to see who the authorised distributors are.

There is also the difference between the 3 year ( non-vegetarian ) product, and the 5 Year ( professional + vegetarian ) product. We only stock the 5 year product.